Learn How to Buy Property from the City or Parish

Every year, governments auction off properties with outstanding tax bills. For some folks this is a complicated process. But others make lots of money doing this.

You can get all the details about how to do this during a community information session on Tuesday, September 25th at 6:30pm at Shreve Memorial Library downtown.

Civic Source is hosting the information session on how to buy adjudicated property in Caddo Parish. The event is free and open to the public. The meeting will include details on getting title insurance and paying the outstanding taxes.  During the last tax sale, all adjudicated properties went unsold.

These properties are sold during online auctions at CivicSource.com. By hosting the sale online, bidders who would normally be unable to attend the auction in person are able to participate from their homes or places of business. The goal is to help bring new life to these blighted, abandoned or tax-foreclosed properties.

“One of the Parish’s highest priorities is to ensure our citizens’ confidence in their communities to provide a stable environment to work and raise a family,” said Dr. Woodrow Wilson, Jr., Parish of Caddo Administrator. “Our partnership with entities such as CivicSource makes it easier for these properties to be responsibly purchased and helps to stabilize our neighborhoods and our property values,” said Wilson. “We encourage all Parish residents interested in investing in the future of our communities to attend this important informational session.”

Check out CivicSource.com to take a look at the list of properties. You might be surprised at the low cost. You will need a deposit of $850 and then you’ll pay the auction price which can range from as low as $10 dollars, plus closing costs.

Please RSVP for the information session at events.CivicSource.com

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Want to learn how to buy cheap property in East Baton Rouge? Information session scheduled

Aspiring investors will get an opportunity this week to learn how to purchase land from the government.

When property owners don’t pay taxes, their land can be seized and put up for auction. In East Baton Rouge, the local government advertises those lots on the website CivicSource.com.

Company representatives will hold a training session Thursday to explain how the public can purchase adjudicated land. The meeting will be at the Bluebonnet Regional Library at 6:30 p.m.

Prospective buyers can view properties that are available for sale and, if interested, can ask for an auction of a particular residential or commercial lot. An $850 deposit is required, and bidding starts at $0 plus closing costs — generally about $3,400.

“Taxing authorities across Louisiana auction these tax-delinquent properties online through CivicSource.com,” the company wrote in a news release “By hosting the sale online, bidders who would normally be unable to attend the auction in person are able to participate from their homes or places of business.”

The company said such sales return blighted, abandoned or tax-foreclosed properties to commerce “while regenerating significant annual tax revenues to the city and parish.”

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