Adjudicated Property Auctions Bring Glimmer of Hope to East Baton Rouge Neighbors

BATON ROUGE – A house that’s falling apart is worrying neighbors.

The structure, located in the 3700 block of Main Street in Baton Rouge has been in disrepair for the last few years. Isabella Lorraine says she’s concerned about the overgrown lot that’s falling apart.

“It’s a disgrace to Main Street,” she said.

The roof and siding are falling off and the door is wide open. Lorraine says it brings rats, mice, snakes, and squatters. But above all, she’s concerned about her safety.

“A couple of months ago we had an officer come out there looking for a suspect,” she said.

Tired of looking at it, Lorraine says she’s called the City-Parish to trim the trees and cut back the overgrown vegetation. She has been successful once, but recently says she’s had trouble getting a response.

A glimmer of hope recently came when Lorraine heard the lot would be cleared and the structure demolished, but she’s still waiting for that to happen.

Three weeks ago, the lot was listed on as an adjudicated property and tax deed sale. The site auctions off full ownership of properties for a fraction of its value. Often, the homeowner has walked away. The Main Street location is one of about 2,000 lots listed within East Baton Rouge Parish. The starting bid for the property is about $5,200.

Lorraine hopes the lot will be given new life and someone will care for the property again.

“We don’t want anything to happen back here, due to this house,” she said.

The City-Parish says the property is contained within a group of demo’s that will be cleared in the next few weeks. Demolitions are scheduled on a number of factors, including other demo’s in the area, weather, size of the house to be torn down, time and equipment needed to haul away loads.

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Avoyelles Police Jury to Hold Meeting on How to Buy Tax Sale Property

6:30 p.m. Thursday in Mansura AgCenter

For more than 10 years, five parcels of land have sat idle as property of the Avoyelles Parish Police Jury, waiting to be useful again.

The beginning of the end of that wait may be at hand with an informational meeting on how to purchase “tax-adjudicated” real estate, set for 6:30 p.m. Thursday (Aug. 24) at the LSU AgCenter on La. Hwy 1 in Mansura.

The parish has made no use of these tracts and no taxes have been paid to those government entities receiving property taxes for a decade. The Police Jury is making these parcels its first group to be sold because of the length of time since the original owners lost their possession rights.

Earlier this year the Police Jury decided to address the problem of returning “adjudicated property” to the tax rolls by selling them to interested buyers. Representatives of the Assessor’s Office, Sheriff’s Office Tax Division, District Attorney’s Office and Police Jury worked together to research possible options.

The result of that work was a recommendation to hire CivicSource, a New Orleans-based company specializing in online auctions for “tax-distressed real estate.”

In short, Civic Source researches the title and does all the “heavy lifting” to prepare to sell a property that was obtained by a government due to non-payment of taxes.

The Thursday meeting will explain the process to the public and describe the properties going up for auction.

The meeting is open to the public and free of charge. To RSVP, visit events.CivicSource. com. Registration is recommended but not required.

Police Juror Marsha Wiley is heading the jury’s efforts to return tax sale properties to the tax rolls.


“This is a win-win situation for everyone involved,” Wiley said. “The parish gets rid of property that has just been sitting on the books for over 10 years and the buyer gets a piece of property with clear title. This means abandoned properties that have been maintained by the parish for years will be back on the tax rolls and no longer a burden on taxpayers,” she added.

Wiley said she is especially grateful to Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Gaspard, who has worked with adjudicated properties in the past and provided a wealth of legal expertise to ensure the parish was not stepping out on unstable legal ground.

She said CivicSource “does this for a living. They are doing this in other parishes across the state. They do all the legwork, contact all the heirs, etc., and makes sure there is clear title to the property so the buyer does not have to worry about the original owner coming back and reclaiming the property.”

CivicSource conducts adjudicated property auctions in 50 parishes and municipalities in the state, as well as many other out-of-state taxing authorities.

All properties in the auction will have gone unsold in a tax sale and not been redeemed by the original owners. CivicSource ensures all owners, heirs and interested persons affiliated with a tax-delinquent property have been properly notified and given ample opportunity to redeem the property before it qualifies for one of its adjudicated property auctions, a CivicSource spokesperson said.

The five parcels to be discussed are 716 Branch St. in Simmesport and four lots in or near Marksville — one on Boggy Bayou Road, one off Ferdinand Street, one near Deanna Drive and one on Brouillette Street.


The auction price for a piece of property begins at $0 plus closing costs. Closing costs vary, but CivicSource spokesperson Molly Richard said the average is $4,800. That includes all of the legal fees involved in obtaining clear title to the property. The past taxes on the property are not included in the closing costs, she said.

The final price of a property depends on the bidders. The Police Jury would receive anything in addition to the closing costs. For example, if closing costs were $4,800 and the high bid was $5,000, CivicSource would receive $4,800 and the parish would receive $200. If the high bid was $10,000, CivicSource would get $4,800 and the parish would get $5,200.
CivicSource’s payment is included in the closing costs. The company does not get paid a commission or percentage of the bid price.

For a property to be placed on the list for auction and for CivicSource to begin its research to prepare it for sale, an interested buyer must make an $850 deposit. That ensures there is at least one person bidding on the property.

If that bidder loses the auction, he gets his deposit back. If he wins, the deposit is applied to the final auction price. If he decides not to bid, he forfeits the deposit. Once a pool of interested buyers has been trained in CivicSource’s process, the technology-driven property auction will occur online at

Bidders will be able to research the properties and participate in the auction from anywhere with internet access.

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CivicSource to Speak at Dale Buys Houses Now! Real Estate Investing Seminar

CivicSource will be presenting on how to purchase tax-adjudicated properties at this informative seminar on real estate investing.

For tickets to the event, click here.
*Enter promo code: CIVIC2017 to receive two tickets for the price of one*

Saturday, August 26, 2017
8:00am – 1:30pm
Juban’s Restaurant
3739 Perkins Rd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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Disclaimer- There will be NO sales pitch made at this seminar!

This seminar is NOT for everyone, so who should come to this meeting? This educational seminar is only for individuals–

… that are serious about Real Estate investing of any kind

…who want to learn tax free or tax deferred investing

…who are interested in investing in real estate declared “surplus” by the parish

…who are curious about what Dale does and exaclty how he does it

…that would like to learn how earn returns of $10,000 or more. This is the amount an average flip can earn if done the right way…

who want access to Dale’s extensive list of homes to fix & flip!

Does any of the above sound like you? Then, YOU should attend!

Here are just a few quotes from locals who’ve worked with Dale:

“Dale shares more real world knowledge than most investors even understand.”

Mike Guidry – Abstracting/Guidry Land Services

“Dale is very entertaining and informative. He gives a new prespective on buying real estate.”

Wendy Berry- Broker/Owner Pro Sold Realty

“I learned more about property law working with Dale than in 3 years of law school.”

Oliva Keen Byers – Baton Rouge Attorney for Title Stream

“Dale wakes up thinking about real estate and goes to bed dreaming about it.”

Jeff Furniss, Realtor – Coldwell Banker One

“I have worked with Dale over 20 years. Dale is honest.”

Frank Cataizaro – Roofing contractor

Cameron Parish Police Jury Partners with CivicSource to Host Community Information Session on Purchasing Tax-Delinquent Adjudicated Property

CAMERON, La. – On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. CST, the Cameron Parish Police Jury will partner with CivicSource to hold a community information session on purchasing tax-delinquent adjudicated real estate at the Police Jury Meeting Room, located at 148 Smith Circle in Cameron, Louisiana. The event is free and open to the public. Comprehensive training on all aspects of purchasing adjudicated properties, including how to acquire title insurance, will be covered.

All adjudicated properties for sale at went unsold in a previous tax sale. The Cameron Parish Police Jury auctions these tax-delinquent properties online through By hosting the sale online, bidders who would normally be unable to attend the auction in person are able to participate from their homes or places of business. The sales return blighted, abandoned or tax-delinquent properties to commerce while regenerating significant annual tax revenues to the parish.

“The Cameron Parish Police Jury is encouraged by the prospect of Parish adjudicated properties being placed back into commerce and on the tax rolls,” states Ryan Bourriaque, Cameron Parish Administrator. “In some cases, these properties have been adjudicated for over 50 years. The Police Jury appreciates the assistance that has been provided by the Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office, Cameron Parish Assessor’s Office, and our consultant, CivicSource, in making this effort a successful one.”

Visit to view a complete listing of qualified tax-distressed adjudicated properties or to nominate properties for auction through a deposit of $850. The properties are listed for $0 plus closing costs. Both commercial and residential properties are available for purchase.

To RSVP for the Cameron Parish information session on purchasing adjudicated properties, visit

# # #

About CivicSource:

CivicSource is the leading provider of digitized due process compliance and online auctions for tax-distressed real estate. Founded in 2008, New Orleans based CivicSource has been recognized by Inc. Magazine’s 500|5000 as one of “America’s Fastest Growing Companies” and has been recognized as the one of the “Best Places to Work” in New Orleans for the past six years. For more information, visit

Register to Bid in Clay County Online Tax Sale

LIBERTY, Mo. – On Monday, August 28, 2017, the Clay County Collector’s Office will conduct its annual tax sale online for the first time. The auction will take place at from 10:00
A.M. until 8:00 P.M., subject to a sliding close.

To be eligible to bid in the 2017 tax sale, participants must create a free account at and complete the online registration process for Clay County before Friday, August 25, 2017, at noon. Additional eligibility requirements include having no tax debt on real estate or other property located in Missouri and either being a resident of Missouri, being a registered business entity in Missouri, or appointing a citizen of Clay County to act as the bidding agent on your behalf. The bidder or bidding agent must consent to the jurisdiction of the local Circuit Court, and the bidder must submit an affidavit attesting to the satisfaction of the applicable requirements. An instructional video on how to create an account is available at Step- by-step instructions for the account creation process are also listed below.

1. Apply for Approval to Bid in a Missouri Tax Sale if you have not yet pre-registered as a bidder through Clay County for 2017.
a. Navigate to
b. Under the heading “Register Online,” click the green box labeled “tax sale registration affidavit.”
c. Complete all fields in the affidavit. Please be advised, this document is to be completed as if under oath, and is a legally binding statement that must be completely true.
d. As you approach the bottom of the form, you will be given an opportunity to click a link to the 2017 tax sale guidelines. You MUST click and read the guidelines before completing your affidavit. You will be legally responsible for the content of the guidelines, and they will govern the conduct of the sale, and the procedures to obtain a deed. They are based on RSMO 140, which you should consider to be fully incorporated therein.
e. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the form. Your application to bid will be automatically submitted to the Clay County Collector’s office. The Collector will verify compliance with state law and notify you if you are eligible to participate in the sale.
f. If you are not a Missouri resident, you will need to appoint an agent and complete additional paperwork to legally appoint the Missouri resident agent to bid on your behalf.
g. Once you are approved by the Collector’s office, you will navigate to to create an account for participation in the online auction.

2. Register as a bidder on
a. Click “SIGN UP FREE” on the top banner of the home page.
b. Follow the prompts on the registration page to set up an account with an email address and password.
c. Continue to the Personal Information page, which requires a driver’s license
number and street address.
d. Once you agree to terms, click “COMPLETE.”

3. Add a bank account.
a. On your Account Overview screen, click on “Add a bank account” and fill in the requested information. Please note that no withdrawals will be made from your account until you manually go through the check-out process in your cart.

4. Verify That You Applied for Approval With Clay County.
a. Click on “AUCTIONS” at the top of the screen.
b. Select “All Auctions” from the drop down menu provided.
c. Select “Missouri” under the Location filter on the left-hand side of the screen.
d. Click on any property listed, regardless of if you have specific interest in that particular property. You will be taken to a property details page.
e. At the top of the property details page, select “Apply Now”
f. If you have completed all of the steps listed, attest to the requirements and terms of the auction.
g. Click “Apply for Approval.”

For additional registration assistance, call 816-407-3200.