Register to Bid in Clay County Online Tax Sale

LIBERTY, Mo. – On Monday, August 28, 2017, the Clay County Collector’s Office will conduct its annual tax sale online for the first time. The auction will take place at from 10:00
A.M. until 8:00 P.M., subject to a sliding close.

To be eligible to bid in the 2017 tax sale, participants must create a free account at and complete the online registration process for Clay County before Friday, August 25, 2017, at noon. Additional eligibility requirements include having no tax debt on real estate or other property located in Missouri and either being a resident of Missouri, being a registered business entity in Missouri, or appointing a citizen of Clay County to act as the bidding agent on your behalf. The bidder or bidding agent must consent to the jurisdiction of the local Circuit Court, and the bidder must submit an affidavit attesting to the satisfaction of the applicable requirements. An instructional video on how to create an account is available at Step- by-step instructions for the account creation process are also listed below.

1. Apply for Approval to Bid in a Missouri Tax Sale if you have not yet pre-registered as a bidder through Clay County for 2017.
a. Navigate to
b. Under the heading “Register Online,” click the green box labeled “tax sale registration affidavit.”
c. Complete all fields in the affidavit. Please be advised, this document is to be completed as if under oath, and is a legally binding statement that must be completely true.
d. As you approach the bottom of the form, you will be given an opportunity to click a link to the 2017 tax sale guidelines. You MUST click and read the guidelines before completing your affidavit. You will be legally responsible for the content of the guidelines, and they will govern the conduct of the sale, and the procedures to obtain a deed. They are based on RSMO 140, which you should consider to be fully incorporated therein.
e. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the form. Your application to bid will be automatically submitted to the Clay County Collector’s office. The Collector will verify compliance with state law and notify you if you are eligible to participate in the sale.
f. If you are not a Missouri resident, you will need to appoint an agent and complete additional paperwork to legally appoint the Missouri resident agent to bid on your behalf.
g. Once you are approved by the Collector’s office, you will navigate to to create an account for participation in the online auction.

2. Register as a bidder on
a. Click “SIGN UP FREE” on the top banner of the home page.
b. Follow the prompts on the registration page to set up an account with an email address and password.
c. Continue to the Personal Information page, which requires a driver’s license
number and street address.
d. Once you agree to terms, click “COMPLETE.”

3. Add a bank account.
a. On your Account Overview screen, click on “Add a bank account” and fill in the requested information. Please note that no withdrawals will be made from your account until you manually go through the check-out process in your cart.

4. Verify That You Applied for Approval With Clay County.
a. Click on “AUCTIONS” at the top of the screen.
b. Select “All Auctions” from the drop down menu provided.
c. Select “Missouri” under the Location filter on the left-hand side of the screen.
d. Click on any property listed, regardless of if you have specific interest in that particular property. You will be taken to a property details page.
e. At the top of the property details page, select “Apply Now”
f. If you have completed all of the steps listed, attest to the requirements and terms of the auction.
g. Click “Apply for Approval.”

For additional registration assistance, call 816-407-3200.