Introducing Adjudicated Property Bundling

CivicSource is pleased to introduce bundling of adjudicated properties. An adjudicated property bundle is a single property auction consisting of five or more properties, selected by an investor from within a single taxing authority, and sold as a single property on Because bundled properties are sold together as a single property, a property bundle better ensures that an investor can get all the properties they are ready to develop and can save up to $300/property. Bundled property savings are as follows:

5-14 properties – save $150/property
15-24 properties – save $225/property
25+ properties – save $300/property

With adjudicated property bundling, investors receive volume pricing discounts while purchasing all properties desired through a single property auction. To get started, select five or more adjudicated properties and email the address and parcel number for each property to Then, we’ll verify the properties you bundled and reach out to you regarding your deposits. For questions, please consult our Adjudicated Property Bundling information page, or contact us.

Start bundling now!