Walker targets 100 properties for overdue taxes

WALKER – Approximately 100 properties in the city have owed taxes for so long that they could face sale at auction. Mayor Jimmy Watson said CivicSource, a firm the city hired, is working with Walker to get the taxes owed.

CivicSource, of New Orleans, is an auctioneer of tax-distressed real estate. It digitizes due process compliance to ensure valid sales.

“We’re sending out tax notices,” Watson said, “Currently about 100 properties are scheduled for tax sales.”

The properties will go for auction if the taxes are not paid by June, he said. City Clerk Myra Streeter said some of the taxes owed go back 10 years.

The city does not take action until the taxes owed reach $50, she said, and it takes several years with the penalty to build up to $50.

Taxes unpaid after Dec. 31, 2017, add a 1 percent per month penalty until it is paid, according to a city notice.

Taxes that remained unpaid after Jan. 31, accrue collection costs on the first of each month until the online tax sale on June 6, the notice said.

If a property is sold at a tax sale, the owner is subject to losing the homestead exemption. Property sold at tax sale may be redeemed up to three years from the date of the sale, the notice said.

To find if a current tax bill is unpaid, contact city receptionist Mary Poe at (225) 665-4356 at City Hall.

Original article found here: https://www.livingstonparishnews.com/news/walker-targets-properties-for-overdue-taxes/article_90bf88f2-32ae-11e8-80a5-e344046a8eb8.html