Bossier City looks to online auctions for sales of blighted properties

Bossier City is looking to return abandoned, blighted buildings back into productive use by partnering with a company that will make it easier to sell adjudicated properties.

The Bossier City Council on Tuesday will vote on an ordinance that would allow the city to contract with CivicSource, a New Orleans-based company that will establish and administrate online auctions and sales of the city’s adjudicated properties.

These are properties that have been adjudicated to the city due to non-payment of ad valorem property taxes. According to the draft ordinance, many of these properties remain abandoned and contribute to blight in the area.

“CivicSource is in the business of returning adjudicated properties back into commerce,” Ronnie Harris, director of business development for CivicSource, told the city council at a meeting in January. “We do that in a process where we get information from your assessor, we look at the information to ensure the property is marketable and insurable, and we market it by posting signs, placing it on our website and having an informational session here in your city with potential investors.”

The city says it does not have resources to market and fulfill legal requirements for the sale of these properties, or to offer any warranty of title or title insurance to purchasers of adjudicated properties.

These are services CivicSource can provide, Harris said.

“At the end of the process, it goes to an auction and the successful bidder will obtain title insurance for the properties that have been sold,” Harris said. “CivicSource has married the governmental process with information technology and title insurance, in order to wrap it all up and provide a service for our government clients.”

The city’s goal in entering this process is “to encourage the redemption of these properties, to bring these properties back into commerce and productive use, to return these properties back to the active tax rolls, to stimulate economic development and to increase property tax and other tax revenue,” according to the ordinance.

The Bossier Parish Police Jury entered into a contract with CivicSource in 2015 and continues to use its services today because it has proven to be good for the parish, said Parish Administrator Bill Altimus.

“This partnership is helpful to the parish in that it gives our adjudicated property that is eligible to be sold to a company that does all the necessary legal legwork, which is substantial,” Altimus said. “It’s a turnkey process, and in the end allows the purchaser to obtain good and legal title to that property according to current Louisiana law. This property is now back on the tax rolls and is being maintained by the new purchaser.”

The city believes that this process “will increase the redemptions of adjudicated property and increase the number (of) sales of adjudicated property in the City of Bossier City, thus fostering the goals of returning these properties to commerce and productive use and will provide the buyers of these properties a chance to purchase property with title insurance,” the ordinance states.

The city council will meet 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Bossier City Municipal Complex council chambers, 620 Benton Road.

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How to Purchase Adjudicated Property in Caddo Parish

The City of Shreveport and the Caddo Parish Government will partner with CivicSource for a community information session on purchasing tax-delinquent adjudicated real estate at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 27 at the Atkins Branch Library, 3704 Greenwood Road in Shreveport.

The event is free and open to the public. Comprehensive training on all aspects of purchasing adjudicated properties, including how to acquire title insurance, will be covered.

Visit to view a complete listing of qualified tax-distressed adjudicated properties or to nominate properties for auction through a deposit of $850. The properties are listed for $0 plus closing costs. Both commercial and residential properties are available for purchase.

To RSVP for the upcoming information session on purchasing adjudicated properties, visit

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St. Bernard Parish Partners with CivicSource to Hold a Community Information Session

On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, at 6:00 p.m., the St. Bernard Parish Government will partner with CivicSource to hold a community information session on purchasing tax-delinquent adjudicated real estate in the Sigur Civic Center Ballroom, located at 8245 W. Judge Perez Drive in Chalmette, Louisiana. The event is free and open to the public. Comprehensive training on all aspects of purchasing adjudicated properties, including how to acquire title insurance, will be covered.

All adjudicated properties for sale at went unsold in a previous tax sale. The St. Bernard Parish Government auctions these tax-delinquent properties online through By hosting the sale online, bidders who would normally be unable to attend the auction in person are able to participate from their homes or places of business. The sales return blighted, abandoned or tax-delinquent properties to commerce while regenerating significant annual tax revenues to the parish. “Placing properties online has proven a successful method for our parish. Investors are returning these properties to the tax rolls through their purchases, ultimately helping to clean up the parish tax rolls,” said Guy McInnis, St. Bernard Parish President.

Visit to view a complete listing of qualified tax-distressed adjudicated properties or to nominate properties for auction through a deposit of $850. The properties are listed for $0 plus closing costs. Both commercial and residential properties are available for purchase.

To RSVP for the St. Bernard Parish information session on purchasing adjudicated properties, visit

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CivicSource to Speak at Dale Buys Houses Now! Real Estate Investing Seminar

CivicSource will be presenting on how to purchase tax-adjudicated properties at this informative seminar on real estate investing.

For tickets to the event, click here.
*Enter promo code: CIVIC2017 to receive two tickets for the price of one*

Saturday, August 26, 2017
8:00am – 1:30pm
Juban’s Restaurant
3739 Perkins Rd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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Disclaimer- There will be NO sales pitch made at this seminar!

This seminar is NOT for everyone, so who should come to this meeting? This educational seminar is only for individuals–

… that are serious about Real Estate investing of any kind

…who want to learn tax free or tax deferred investing

…who are interested in investing in real estate declared “surplus” by the parish

…who are curious about what Dale does and exaclty how he does it

…that would like to learn how earn returns of $10,000 or more. This is the amount an average flip can earn if done the right way…

who want access to Dale’s extensive list of homes to fix & flip!

Does any of the above sound like you? Then, YOU should attend!

Here are just a few quotes from locals who’ve worked with Dale:

“Dale shares more real world knowledge than most investors even understand.”

Mike Guidry – Abstracting/Guidry Land Services

“Dale is very entertaining and informative. He gives a new prespective on buying real estate.”

Wendy Berry- Broker/Owner Pro Sold Realty

“I learned more about property law working with Dale than in 3 years of law school.”

Oliva Keen Byers – Baton Rouge Attorney for Title Stream

“Dale wakes up thinking about real estate and goes to bed dreaming about it.”

Jeff Furniss, Realtor – Coldwell Banker One

“I have worked with Dale over 20 years. Dale is honest.”

Frank Cataizaro – Roofing contractor

Register to Bid in Clay County Online Tax Sale

LIBERTY, Mo. – On Monday, August 28, 2017, the Clay County Collector’s Office will conduct its annual tax sale online for the first time. The auction will take place at from 10:00
A.M. until 8:00 P.M., subject to a sliding close.

To be eligible to bid in the 2017 tax sale, participants must create a free account at and complete the online registration process for Clay County before Friday, August 25, 2017, at noon. Additional eligibility requirements include having no tax debt on real estate or other property located in Missouri and either being a resident of Missouri, being a registered business entity in Missouri, or appointing a citizen of Clay County to act as the bidding agent on your behalf. The bidder or bidding agent must consent to the jurisdiction of the local Circuit Court, and the bidder must submit an affidavit attesting to the satisfaction of the applicable requirements. An instructional video on how to create an account is available at Step- by-step instructions for the account creation process are also listed below.

1. Apply for Approval to Bid in a Missouri Tax Sale if you have not yet pre-registered as a bidder through Clay County for 2017.
a. Navigate to
b. Under the heading “Register Online,” click the green box labeled “tax sale registration affidavit.”
c. Complete all fields in the affidavit. Please be advised, this document is to be completed as if under oath, and is a legally binding statement that must be completely true.
d. As you approach the bottom of the form, you will be given an opportunity to click a link to the 2017 tax sale guidelines. You MUST click and read the guidelines before completing your affidavit. You will be legally responsible for the content of the guidelines, and they will govern the conduct of the sale, and the procedures to obtain a deed. They are based on RSMO 140, which you should consider to be fully incorporated therein.
e. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the form. Your application to bid will be automatically submitted to the Clay County Collector’s office. The Collector will verify compliance with state law and notify you if you are eligible to participate in the sale.
f. If you are not a Missouri resident, you will need to appoint an agent and complete additional paperwork to legally appoint the Missouri resident agent to bid on your behalf.
g. Once you are approved by the Collector’s office, you will navigate to to create an account for participation in the online auction.

2. Register as a bidder on
a. Click “SIGN UP FREE” on the top banner of the home page.
b. Follow the prompts on the registration page to set up an account with an email address and password.
c. Continue to the Personal Information page, which requires a driver’s license
number and street address.
d. Once you agree to terms, click “COMPLETE.”

3. Add a bank account.
a. On your Account Overview screen, click on “Add a bank account” and fill in the requested information. Please note that no withdrawals will be made from your account until you manually go through the check-out process in your cart.

4. Verify That You Applied for Approval With Clay County.
a. Click on “AUCTIONS” at the top of the screen.
b. Select “All Auctions” from the drop down menu provided.
c. Select “Missouri” under the Location filter on the left-hand side of the screen.
d. Click on any property listed, regardless of if you have specific interest in that particular property. You will be taken to a property details page.
e. At the top of the property details page, select “Apply Now”
f. If you have completed all of the steps listed, attest to the requirements and terms of the auction.
g. Click “Apply for Approval.”

For additional registration assistance, call 816-407-3200.

Clay County Partners with CivicSource to Auction Tax-Delinquent Real Estate and Host Investor Information Session

LIBERTY, Mo. – The Clay County Collector’s Office will pioneer Missouri’s first online tax sale by implementing the proven technologies of CivicSource, the leading online auctioneer of tax-distressed real estate. The new online auction system will be an invaluable asset to the Collector’s Office, improve existing protections for homeowners and provide tremendous benefits to Clay County tax sale investors.

CivicSource specializes in digitized due diligence, ensuring all homeowners, heirs, and persons of interest affiliated with a tax-delinquent property have been adequately notified and given ample opportunity to redeem the property before it qualifies for a tax sale auction. Every notification document associated with any tax-delinquent property in Clay County is tracked, recorded, and made available to the public on

The services provided by CivicSource will help the Clay County Collector’s Office with its vital responsibility to restore significant, annually recurring revenues to the County from taxes that had previously gone unpaid. “As a first-class county, Clay faces many unique challenges in conducting its tax sale,” says Clay County Tax Collector Lydia McEvoy. “This partnership between the Clay County Collector’s Office and CivicSource will provide enhanced opportunities for investors, while offering stronger protections for homeowners and more efficient returns for our taxing jurisdictions.”

Clay County’s new, technology-driven tax sale will take place online at, allowing bidders to conduct property research and participate in the tax sale from any internet-ready device whether at home, work, or a public facility. offers numerous innovative tax sale tools including access to auction legal research, integrated Google and GIS parcel maps, a proxy bidding feature, investor-customized watch lists, and a sliding close function preventing last-second, online bid sniping.

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017, at 6:30 P.M., the Collector’s Office and CivicSource will cohost a community information session on how to participate in tax-delinquent property auctions. The session will take place at Restoration 1894, located at 1 East Kansas Street in Liberty, Missouri. The event is free and open to the public. Comprehensive training on all aspects of bidding at the 2017 tax sale auction will be covered. To reserve a seat for the information session, please visit

Those interested in acquiring Clay County tax sale real estate can view eligible properties at A video with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the required registration process to bid at the 2017 tax sale is available at All participants must be registered by noon on Friday, August 25, 2017, to bid in the tax sale on Monday, August 28, 2017, beginning at 10:00 A.M.

CivicSource Featured on Unlisted NOLA Podcast

You don’t have to drive very far in New Orleans  – usually about a block or two will do it – to find a blighted, abandoned house in even the nicest neighborhood. The reason most of these properties remain rundown when they’re in an awesome location is they are mired in years of red tape that’s been created by unpaid property taxes. On this edition of Unlisted NOLA Ariana introduces Stephen Morel from CivicSource, a revolutionary new way to get your hands on blighted property that is not only super easy, it’s super cheap and super sorted out so you won’t have any legal reverberations after you fix up your fixer-upper. This actually might be the best kept real estate secret in New Orleans.

Listen to the Unlisted NOLA podcast to learn more!

Learn How to Invest in Adjudicated Real Estate

CivicSource is hosting a series of information sessions on investing in Louisiana adjudicated property. Auctions start at $0 for the property, you just pay the closing costs. Come learn how to capitalize on this exceptional opportunity at one of the following information sessions in July:

Visit our events page to RSVP for an upcoming information session near you.

Introducing Adjudicated Property Bundling

CivicSource is pleased to introduce bundling of adjudicated properties. An adjudicated property bundle is a single property auction consisting of five or more properties, selected by an investor from within a single taxing authority, and sold as a single property on Because bundled properties are sold together as a single property, a property bundle better ensures that an investor can get all the properties they are ready to develop and can save up to $300/property. Bundled property savings are as follows:

5-14 properties – save $150/property
15-24 properties – save $225/property
25+ properties – save $300/property

With adjudicated property bundling, investors receive volume pricing discounts while purchasing all properties desired through a single property auction. To get started, select five or more adjudicated properties and email the address and parcel number for each property to Then, we’ll verify the properties you bundled and reach out to you regarding your deposits. For questions, please consult our Adjudicated Property Bundling information page, or contact us.

Start bundling now!